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We focus on our customers application requirements, identifying their architectural considerations for optimal performance and their associated hardware, licensing and resource costs.

Data Center Optimization

Sound Data Center, Cloud & Analytic Architecture Strategies

Is your Data Center Architecture (server, storage and networking) limiting your “storage-aware” applications’ performance and scalability?

Are you unable to maximize your licensing investments for your BigData/IOT  applications like (Splunk, SAP Hana, Hadoop, Spark, Cloudera, Financial Trading, Video Ingest & HPC)?

Are your DC hardware requirements for these applications far too expensive and complex?Contender Solutions is known for its ITSM, ITOM, Asset Management and Service Mapping best practices.   We see a clearer picture of our customer’s Data Center assets and resources.  By aligning to our customer’s business services and objectives, we see trends in their application workflow requirements.  Our expertise gives Contender multiple vantage points to help isolate application performance and degradation issues in your Data Center and Cloud environments and the ability to accurately quantify your Total Cost of Ownership goals.

Our Apeiron Partnership (Greek for boundless)

Apeiron was founded by market leaders from Cisco, Intel and EMC.  Apeiron is purpose built for scale-out architectures.   Apeiron delivers higher performance and higher capacity, with a significantly lower TCO.  Aperion is not storage, it is a Data Fabric that allows you to access ALL storage & compute as local resources and eliminate server and switching bottlenecks.

Apeiron can reduce and consolidate server, storage and networking environments by >50%, decrease CPU utilization by >50%  and increase “storage-aware” application performance by 5X to 20X.  Aperion is easy to evaluate onsite or in our test environment.

Our goal is to help you map your application requirements, identify all architectural  considerations for their optimal performance, licensing and resource costs.  Together with Aperion, we can define your requirements, identify your objectives and help  you quantify and reach your TCO goals. 

To learn more about Contender’s new Data Center Practice or our partnership with Apeiron,

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