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Contender Solutions proudly partners with BDNA in order to better serve our customers.  By strategically aligning with BDNA, we can eliminate a good portion of the manual processes of retrieving and analyzing data.  Our partnership enables data normalization, frees up our resources and offers a cost savings to our customers.

Click on the video below to hear Contender Solutions CEO Jason Beck discuss the advantages of partnering with BDNA.

BDNA Analyze

Make Information-Driven Decisions that Deliver Value

BDNA Analyze is a modern, simplified and interactive approach that empowers users to access, discover and report all types and sizes of IT inventory data. Users can analyze and visualize data across multiple dimensions, all while minimizing dependence on IT.

  • Broad set of Powerful Interactive Visualizations
  • Analytic Dashboards for Business Insight
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Reporting
  • Easy to Use Interactive and Operational Reports
  • Streamlined Management and Administration
  • Efficient Administration and Management
  • Simple Drag and Drop Visual Designer

BDNA Discover

Achieve Complete Visibility into Your IT Environment

BDNA Discover delivers unprecedented insights into the IT environment with a patented non-intrusive agentless technology that identifies hardware and software assets including those not covered by traditional agent-based tools.

 Discover assets non-intrusively

  • Extend coverage to Linux and Unix based systems, servers, and non-IT devices
  • Gain visibility into assets brought in by shadow IT, BYOD, and consumerization
  • Gain application discovery across top vendors including IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe
  • Improve accuracy across Asset Management, SAM, Security and IT GRC

 BDNA Normalize

Normalize Data to Create Accurate & Relevant Information

BDNA Normalize aggregates and normalizes raw data from more than 40 different data sources to create a single version of accurate and relevant information. Data enriched with market intelligence provides clean, accurate, and relevant data to drive effective initiatives.

  • Achieve data alignment across various parts of the organization

  • Gain accurate visibility into their deployments
  • Understand their purchased entitlements
  • Eliminate time-consuming, ineffective manual efforts for data reconciliation
  • Gain comprehensive product details for better decision-making

BDNA Technopedia

Ensure All Your Systems Speak a Common Language

BDNA Technopedia categorizes and aligns hardware and software products to deliver consistent, accurate, and business-relevant information. Technopedia powers many IT projects within the enterprise, unifies siloed IT processes, and provides alignment with business goals.

  • Drive effective enterprise IT decision-making
  • Provide immediate market intelligence for initiatives in IT Asset Management, IT Service Management, CMDB, Enterprise Architecture, IT Procurement, Governance/Risk/Compliance, and more
  • Unify silos and improve efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Reduce compliance risk and drive corporate standards
  • Provide the CIO/CTO with strategic insights that can be drilled into


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