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Critical systems are down!

Vital networks need essential changes implemented immediately!  Who is it used by?  Who is it owned by?  Who is it supported by?  How critical is it, really?   

CMDBSearch is an analysis tool designed specifically for ServiceNow.  Delivered as a cloud based tool, this CMDB analytics application puts the power of class searches in the hands of the person that needs it the most.  You!

Enhanced Upstream/Downstream Reports

Often you may find that the base relationship reports in ServiceNow need more information to make timely decisions.  CMDBSearch brings that next generation level of reports that deliver a 360° view of each of your Configuration Items (CIs) in easy to understand layouts. 

Easy Collaboration With Your Team

All reports are exportable in the common formats that you commonly use: Print, MS Excel and Adobe PDF.   And you can attach those files to a Change or Incident Record or email them to your team.

Effortless Interfaces

Contender wants to make your job easier, so we designed easy to use interfaces that incorporate the same flow and format that you and your team are familiar with, in ServiceNow. 

Easy on Your Budget

How valuable would this be for your organization?  For the power of Enhanced Searching and Reporting throughout your domain, you might expect to break the bank, but Contender Solutions has packed this capability for all of your users for a reasonable price, which includes ten hours of Contender Solutions implementation and customization.  Ready for a demo and a free consultation?  Call Contender today! 

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