PenFed Go Live

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With the Go-Live of their latest phase of ServiceNow, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) has some excellent reasons to celebrate their potent combo of Facilities and Knowledge Management. Before ServiceNow, PenFed used email to manage all facilities requests via free text email messaging, which they recognized was not well-suited for categorizing and processing large volumes.  Contender quickly provided a full service infrastructure so that users can now quickly request services (office moves, order furniture, badge requests) or report facility issues (plumbing, electrical, parking) using PenFed’s new Service Portal with intuitive user friendly nomenclature.  Their brand new Knowledge Base provides their work force with facilities policies and accurate floor plans.  At the same time, new time efficient workflows are utilized to assign work to the proper groups based on location and type of request/issue.

Contender paired this with the implementation of a structured processes for managing employee badges.  Managers can request badges for new employees and existing employees can request support for various badge issues.   The result of the automated badge processing is a considerable reduction in the time required by Security staff to manage these requests  and addition of the important audit trail that security requires.


Having invested with Contender, PenFed continues to make significant strides towards higher operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Enjoy the cake!

Tampa International Airport Go-Live

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Congratulations to Tampa International Airport (TIA) as they partnered with Contender Solutions to take its maiden voyage with ServiceNow.  Not only have their Core processes been implemented, but the Change Management process was coordinated with some very unique requirements that are exclusive to the transportation industry.  After much internal preparation and aligning to TIA’s organizational process, the Go-Live went well, with a cause for celebration that called for a very unique cake with some very happy employees!

The Lightning Capital of the World should notice some much needed improvements in their favorite airport!

Florida International University Go Live

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Needing only three months of deployment, FIU celebrated the successful Go-Live of their new environment, including role based Service Catalogs and Knowledge Management portals.  Discovery integration with Active Directory allows the campus IT department to associate assets with users and the responsible support teams.

Contender was at the receiving end of much appreciation and both teams enjoyed a traditional Go-Live cake.

Go Panthers!