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The initial implementation of your ServiceNow environment is the most crucial phase of your investment, as it lays the foundation for all other processes that will be built in the platform and will impact your support needs for years to come. While there are many ways to implement the platform and the out of box ITIL processes, the correct way is not always obvious. This is where a ServiceNow implementation partner comes in – providing experience and expertise to building a successful implementation of the platform and its out-of-box ITIL processes. 

Contender Solutions is committed to deliver those successful implementations to our customers. Depending on need, Contender Solutions provides services through several contract and delivery models:

  • Direct to Customer – Contender Solutions assumes full implementation responsibility and ownership
  • Staff Augmentation – Supplementing Customer resources
  • Subcontracted through Systems Integrators – Shared delivery

In any of these models, Contender Solutions expects to interact directly with the resources that are responsible for the support of your platform over the long term. Our goal is to enable your organization and help you become self-sufficient.

Experienced Contender Solutions implementation consultants will work with your organization to map out your existing processes and see how they fit into the ServiceNow landscape; clients are often surprised to find that their processes can be improved, refocused, and enhanced in ways their previous systems would not have allowed. Only after building a solid process and set of requirements will the applications be developed. Our focus is to implement the ITIL processes concisely and in a supportable and sustainable manner.

Companies do IT differently. Different materials and solutions are used in various ways to accomplish the same goals in an almost infinite amount of configurations and implementations. The value of an implementation is in how it supports the business and ultimately how efficiently it operates. We have experienced implementation leadership and expertise.

Supplementary Support

Supplementary support with Contender Solutions differs from most other vendors in that there is no “use or lose” provision. Contender’s plan is to provide the requested number of hours per year of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support, based upon your requirements. O&M support is general administration of the ServiceNow instance as well as Tier 1 support. O&M support covers general requests and minor configuration updates. If Contender is asked to perform configuration updates, an approach and LOE will be provided for customer approval. Work will not be started without pre-approval. In the scenario that this becomes an hourly contract, only hours expended will be invoiced. If all hours within a given year are expended, the customer has the ability to request additional hours.

Custom Application Development

ServiceNow is much more than a world class IT Management System; it is also a solid development platform upon which you can build your organization’s other processes and applications. Out of box platform features such as approvals, email notifications, and extensive integration points mean your resources will spend more time building the core application and less time building the plumbing.

There are many options for having a custom application built. Contender Solutions works with a focus on building applications that work as intended, your people are happy to use, and provide the true business value you expect from your investment. Similar to an ITIL implementation, we will work with you to gather your requirements, achieve signoff from key stakeholders, and provide a solid application for your needs.


Your organization has many other applications that support your internal processes and core business, many of which have relationships with processes built in your ServiceNow environment. While the ServiceNow platform provides numerous means for integrating with other systems, it isn’t always trivial or obvious to build these integrations. Contender Solutions has integration specialists who can tie your systems together in an effective and supportable manner.

Some examples of past successful integrations include:

  • Single Sign-On to ServiceNow instances, using Microsoft Active Directory
  • Population of the organization’s core data (people, departments, roles) from external HR systems.
  • Utilizing ServiceNow’s service request system to manage approvals for and automate the granting of access to external systems.

Contender resources are adept with all integration techniques, most notably Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, and Email, as well as any industry standard technologies that use SOAP, REST, or WSDL. Additionally, API and command-line integrations can be performed.

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